The Sedalia Trail, often referred to in the popular 1960 TV series Rawhide, was actually a branch of the old Shawnee Trail. Many drovers followed this trail north from Texas to bring their cattle to market. Sedalia was one of the earliest cow towns to which some of these early trail bosses actually did head 'em up and moved 'em out.
      The era of Texas cattle drives only lasted about twenty years, from 1866 to 1886. However, the legacy of the cowboy and the cattle drive will live forever. Its spirit perseveres within literature, in movies, in music, in art and in the mind of resolute, independent, freedom-loving people the world over.


We now have our steam engine and the Drover's caboose.

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First dirt moved.            Click image for larger view.

Photos courtesy of Jack Slocum & Doug Kiburz

Final drawing of Trail's End monument by J. Michael Wilson.

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Poem by Doug Kiburz

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